What about tractors and farm machinary on the roads????

Tractors and farm machines are usually much bigger than cars, the back wheel of a tractor is bigger than most children right up to teenagers.
SO what extra rules should we think of if a tractor is coming to pass us when we are walking or cycling? Walking isnt too bad as we are walking on the other side of the road BUT when we cycle we share the same side as cars, lorries, buses and farm vehicles. So what should we do? It is safest to pull into the grass and let farm vehicles pass - often there are a que of cars waiting to pass them and that might force the tractor driver to keep in too close to you and also their wheels are very wide so standing by and letting them by is usually the safest all around.

Dangerous loads on the roads

Sometimes tractors are towing trailers or pieces of machinary that might be wider than the tractor or taller than the tractor - you must always be aware when crossing the road that there might be something behind a tractor that you may or may not be able to see!  Cycling and even in the car with your parents you should always be aware that the tractor towing something may be wider than a lane of the road and its safer to stay slowly behind than to risk overtaking on a short stretch of road.

Do you know what age you have to be to drive a tractor???
You must be 16 years or over to drive a tractor and have a license to drive them.

What about going in a tractor with someone else driving?
Young or old, you have to have a seat with a three point seat belt to ride in a tractor with someone and the owner of the tractor must have completed a safety audit assuring them it is safe to carry you.

the safe use of quad bikes

Quad bikes are dnagerous - you have to wear a helmet at all times and only one person is allowed on a quad at a time.
Have a look at the champions for change road safety tips for quad bike users!